Custom Assay Development

  • 35 years' experience

  • ISO Accredited Facilities

  • 380+ clinical & research biomarkers

RCLS provides custom assay design, development and manufacturing services to the diagnostic, pharmaceutical, contract research and biotech industries. This also includes fully customisable human and animal quality control sera and calibrators.


Clients can select either individual or multiple analytes from the current A-Z menu. We offer an impressive menu of over 380 clinical and research biomarkers. Alternatively, if you desire a biomarker that is not found in our in our A-Z list we have the capabilities to discuss your options.


Our custom unit have the ability to design a novel multiplex biochip tailored to each customer’s requirement taking into account sample type, available sample volumes and expected ranges.



Custom Assay Development Process

Custom Assay Development - Graphic - OCT17-01

Submission of custom array requirements (completion of Biochip Questionnaire Form)

Custom Assay Development - Graphic - OCT17-02

Randox custom R&D unit carry out feasibility assessment

Custom Assay Development - Graphic - OCT17-03

If feasible, a quote will be forwarded to the customer

Custom Assay Development - Graphic - OCT17-04

Confirmation of order and biochip manufacturing commences

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