Biochip Array Technology

Multiplexing Made Simple

Biochip Array Technology is a multi-analyte testing platform allowing the simultaneous quantitative or qualitative detection of a wide range of analytes from a single sample. It provides a unique platform for assessment of biological samples in a rapid, accurate and easy to use way.

  • A 9x9mm biochip acts as the solid phase and as the reaction vessel, replacing multiple cuvettes
  • Biochips are pre-fabricated with an array of discrete test regions (DTRs) with a different test located at each DTR
  • One biochip is used per sample to produce multiple test results simultaneously
  • Randox Biochips currently hold up to 49 tests, with the potential to significantly increase this number

Control sites – Ensuring reliable IQC Each Biochip contains internal quality control sites, which are always on the same position on every biochip. The control DTRs have set target levels in order to identify problems. If the levels for these control DTRs fall outside specified target ranges, an error code will be generated instead of a result, indicating an inaccurate results.