Who is Randox Clinical Laboratory Services?


Who is RCLS? Randox Clinical Laboratory Services (RCLS) is the latest offering from Randox. The new services utilises the expertise and knowledge Randox has built up over 35 years producing high quality IVD products. RCLS is strives to provide a clinical laboratory service to meet the time sensitive, bespoke requirements of research and clinical projects globally.


Overall, by utilising Randox Clinical Laboratory Services you can save your laboratory time and money. Due to our multiplex panels we offer a cost effective, labour saving and time reducing solutions for your sample testing. As a result we provide your laboratory with the best solution to outsource your samples.







RCLS Locations

Science Park Antrim

RCLS can be found at our new state of the art Science Park in Antrim. The facility hosts dedicated project teams who are on hand to guide you throughout the process. We also have an extensive variety of analysers to suit your research and clinical needs.





RCLS London is situated within Finsbury Circus right in the bustling heart of London. The laboratory will be expanding in the coming months to ensure the volume of testing can increase.




Los Angeles (Coming Soon)